“We are Elders of our own” IPOB youths Says

May 29, 2018 0 By Samuel Daniel

IPOB Youths have taken over the streets of Anambra, with Elders Hat to sensitise Biafrans over the “Sit At Home” order.
We are now Elders of our own and need no Ohaneze Ndigbo to speak for us. We have no honour for Elders who sold us to their Hausa/Fulani paid Masters, for peanuts.
We have been marginalised and subjugated enough. We have been killed with indemnity and are set to rewrite our stories.
We are not demanding for restructuring, but Referendum.
We are not demanding for War, but exercising our Self Determination Human right.
We need no inducement to get Biafra restored.
We shall tell the World our hurting stories and make sure, this Generation restores Biafra.