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8 Best Ways To Increase Page RPM 2018 | Google Adsense Optimization [QuickTips]

Posted by on June 2, 2018 under Categories: Naija news

Google Adsense Optimization – How To Improve Page RPM
Before going into learning the quick tips and tweaks you need to know basic Adsense terms & definitions that every blogger or publisher can ignore. There is no doubt that the Google AdSense Is The BEST To Make Money Blogging and that is why most of users and you are here to read about to increase estimated earnings by improving Adsense RPM. 

Follow best ways to improve AdSense RPM:

1. Improve Quality Of Content & Focus On Getting Targeted Traffic

Try to publish updated and innovative information with properly managed keyword & layout without any grammatical and spelling mistakes.

2. Always Focus On Improving Organic/Search Engine Traffic.

The polished articles fetch more organic traffic. The RPM can be improved by using high paying keyword but relative ones that don’t disturb the quality of content. Concentrate on writing original, fresh and quality content to generate targeted traffic.

3. Choose Good CPC Paying Keyword

Selection of high CPC keywords is also more effective for the increase in Adsense Earnings. Try to add high paying keywords that are correlated to the content to be published. The higher a keyword pays; makes higher PPC rate & it marks the higher revenue.

4. Work On Crawling Problems

Keep practice to check Google webmaster tool frequently. It’s one of the best Free Search console tool ever made for analyzing the crawling structure of any site. 

5. Avoid Too Many Ads

Adsense display ads are graphical ads appeared in different ad formats. And Page views are most responsible for improving RPM. You should reduce the no. of ads or cutting those ads which are not performing well exposed by Adsense Ad Review Center control panel. Furthermore, recommending to make use of custom channels. The Google ad impressions is the most important factor to consider while placing many ads on the site. 

6. Remove Low CPC Adsense Advertisements

It’s not that much easy to know how much does Google ad words cost. But via Adsense Ad Review Center you can check and remove low CPC paying advertisement companies and also allow high CPC ads but you must try to display related ads to your niche. 

7. Monitor & Analyze Your Website Regularly

Increase Adsense Earnings with the help of Google analytics. All clicks and all impressions should be monitored. You must be there in attention to prevent any invalid click activities. 

8. Test With Altering Target User Locations

You can target your audience from Google webmaster tool. Target US, Canada, Australia, UK these are one of the foremost locations as compared to Asian to generate high revenue and that will help you to improve your page RPM. 

Bottom Line

I think that many tips are sufficient, you don’t need to concentrate more on learning about page RPM or any other part of SEO in deep. The search engine will show you all those things for FREE. You moreover, cannot control your impressions & also clicks or how much the advertisers are going to pay for the ads with high CPC, I would recommend the best way to improve your earnings is TO INCREASE YOUR TRAFFIC. The more organic traffic reached naturally on your site means you will have more clicks and thus it will improve CTR, CPC & eCPM. So ultimately that will have the major effect of improving page RPM. 

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