We present ” 34,” a tune from the Steel and Corper album by Burna Boy and LA DJDS.

Burna Boy rapped in the style of a furious and dope Rasta guy! This is fantastic.

[Verse 1]
Get the memo, get the memo
What you gonna do now you in a room full of rebels
This heavy metal yeah yeah yeah
I don’t remember the last time that I was sober
That works for me (yeah), that works for me (yeah)
Bitch I don’t work for nobody I work for me (yeah)
I’m up for real (yeah), I’m up for real (yeah)
I’m so high I tell you how it feel, I said what’s up
You not my brother so back it up
There’s something funny about y’all
I don’t know nothing about no drugs
You probably working for the law
Please don’t call my phone now, I won’t pick the phone up
I told you it ain’t love, I said I got people depending on me

I got people depending on me
You just not gone be fucking with me
It’s forever I’m stuck with my team
Tell them shadows I’m fucking OD
I got ten toes on my feet, so it’s ten toes Ayomi
Better watch how you talking to me
If you talking, boy you better mean it (mean it)
Yeah I do this for my people, yeah I do this for myself
I ain’t here for no reason, I don’t think you understand
Couple niggas didn’t like me, niggas couldn’t get it like me
Dunno dunno ten toes on the floor
I had to kick in the door, I was knocking they didn’t let me through
28 grams for the low
I just came back from the store, with a big bag full of dope
Antetokounmpo, mi just ball like my bro

As a result, if you enjoy wonderful music, the great new feel is a fantastic song that you should add to your music collection.

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