Maua Sama, a Tanzanian recording artist with one of the most beautiful vocals, has been releasing success after hit for the past seven years. She also recently released “Nimeridhia,” a new tune.

The CINEMA EP cover demonstrates her perseverance in a male-dominated industry. Maua Sama has expanded her repertoire by collaborating with a number of well-known East African vocalists.

“Nimeridhia” is featured on Maua Sama’s latest EP “CINEMA.”

“It’s a love song about those times when you’re so in love with someone that you don’t want to be told.”

This song has been around for 6 years. “Nimeridhia is a good song with good writing,” my boss Ruge Mutahaba told me when I first recorded and planned to distribute it.

As a result, if you enjoy wonderful music, the great new feel is a fantastic song that you should add to your music collection.

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