The beauty of Afrobeat has evolved in Nigeria to the extent that it attracts heavy glory that has so far been imposed on many Nigerian big stars.

This has made their lifestyle different from the other civilians. They have been able to change their actual names and even further earned nicknames.

Some of these nicknames were prompted by their influences while some earned their nicknames from their fans.

We shall fish outline these top stars and their nicknames. Scroll down and be enlightened.

Top 5 Afrobeat Musicians And Their Nicknames.


From stats, Wizkid is currently the biggest Afrobeat singer in Nigeria and his nicknames are Machala and Big Wiz.

The two names evolved shortly after the singer found his peak in the genre of Afrobeat and gained a milestone of buoyancy.

His fans named him Machala while he came up with the idea of Big Wiz.

Machala as a name was derived from the Czech Republic which means swing or sway. It corresponds to his animal symbol the eagle that always swings.

Wizkid changed his stage name from Wizkid to Big Wiz because he felt the kid in his name no longer fit in with his class and age currently.


David Adeleke, the Nigerian music star who has conquered Afrobeat, in no doubt is the second current best Afrobeat musician according to several reliable stats.

His nickname ‘Omo Baba Olowo’ (OBO) was composed by him shortly after his debut album, Omo Baba Olowo became a hit.

Years after his debut album surpassed many peaks, he emerged as one of the big stars in Nigeria and found his nickname Omo Baba Olwowo ‘OBO’ which he derived from his debut album.

Davido has been consistent with his peak following how he has dominated every music chart in Nigeria.

Burna Boy

The Grammy award-winning maestro, Burna Boy is currently the third-best Afrobeat musician in Nigeria.

He has also conquered the genre of Afrobeat to earn himself several nicknames. However, his nicknames are self-acclaimed.

His nicknames erupted when he bagged his first solo Grammy award after his album ‘Twice as Tall’ emerged as the best album in his category. To celebrate the peak, he named himself, Odogwu which means the mighty one and the African Giant.

Indeed he is the African Giant via how he has toured Afrobeat to the world.


Adedamola Adefolahan who is famously known by his stage name, Fireboy is currently the fourth-best Afrobeat musician in Nigeria according to stats.

The Nigerian star however didn’t quite earn his nickname from his fans but formed it himself. His nickname composed as DML is driven by his native name Adedamola Adefolahan.

Fireboy DML rose to fame shortly after the iconic Nigerian rapper, Olamide offered him the greatest opportunity to prove his peak in the Nigerian music firm.

In a short period, he proved it and even gained global recognition. He has collaborated with top names like 21 Savage and Ed Sheeran.


The new big status in the Nigerian music firm, Ckay also has earned his place in the top 5 spots amongst the best Afrobeat musician currently in Nigeria.

Chukwuka Ekweani since his sudden boost sparked has been able to earn an enchanting nickname that transcribes ‘Your Boyfriend’. This is because a vast number of pretty ladies often adore him every single day on social media.

Ckay blew up on Spotify and Youtube after his song ‘Love Nwantiti’ trended on Tiktok. Currently, he has surpassed the likes of the big trio, Wizkid, Burna Boy and Davido to emerge as the most-streamed monthly Afrobeat musician on Spotify.